Paris, France & Brussels, Belgium


Mathilde Defarges is a Strategic Advisor to Blue Star Strategies, LLC for France and the European Union. Ms. Defarges has more than 20 years professional experience as a strategist and a lawyer, assisting clients in articulating and executing robust public affairs strategies. She has acquired deep knowledge in creating a constructive dialogue between key political decision makers and the private and non-governmental sectors. Her client engagements, emanating from diverse regions and cultures, have allowed her to develop a keen sense of understanding of transcultural management and strong mediation skills.

As a Partner at ARCTURUS GROUP, Ms. Defarges is focused on assisting international clients for which she implements game-changing strategies by connecting the dots between their various areas of action through a systemic approach of problem solving, addressing needs in political mapping and intelligence, risk assessment, and stakeholder engagement. She has built a strong campaigning experience, advocating for global coalitions in France and in the Brussels arena.

Awarded Young Leader for the USA and Italy in 2011, Ms. Defarges has a transatlantic footprint and assists numerous U.S. clients. In 2012, she completed a post-graduate program at Harvard University to develop her skills in Systems-Thinking and American Government.

Convinced that tackling persistent inequalities in our societies is fundamental to economic prosperity and social cohesion, Ms. Defarges initiated a strategic partnership between ARCTURUS GROUP and Ashoka for the regional branches of the group to provide pro-bono advocacy services for social entrepreneurs.


ARCTURUS GROUP is a public affairs firm operating in five European offices—Brussels, Paris, Marseille, Berlin, and Warsaw.

The consultancy represents its clients’ interests to the European and national public authorities and allows its clients to expand into new markets by identifying strategic institutional levers.