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We are an international consultancy firm working to solve political, policy, investment, and resource challenges facing today's global businesses, governments, and organizations.

Trust.  Experience.  Integrity.  Results.

Blue Star Strategies, LLC is an international government relations firm based in Washington, DC.

Blue Star Strategies SAS expands the firm's work in Europe with an office in Paris, France.

Together, we provide client services for public and private sector leaders to unlock their political, policy, investment, and resource challenges in the United States, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, and in markets around the world.

We build partnerships with a complex array of policy, decision, and influence makers ranging from governments, multilateral institutions, legislatures and parliaments, and regulatory bodies—to nongovernmental advocates, think tanks, private sector, and the media.

Our principals have served at the highest levels of the U.S. government in the White House, Department of Commerce, Department of State, Congress, private sector, and labor institutions and provide full and personalized attention to each client for the entire length of a project. They lead our full team of professionals with decades of experience working in, and with, government, business, labor, multilateral and public policy institutions, think tanks, nonprofit advocacy organizations, and the media. We are laser-focused on achieving concrete results and are committed to doing the real work needed to achieve success for our clients.

We maintain a unique client roster and issue portfolio extending across diverse industry sectors, representing:

  • U.S. Corporations Internationally,
  • Global Corporations in the United States, Europe, Latin America, and beyond,
  • Sovereign Governments and Political Leaders,
  • International Organizations and Institutions, and
  • Public Policy Coalitions.

Our Mission: To provide outstanding strategies and solutions through dedication and excellence.

Our Vision: To become one of the most valued companies to our clients, colleagues, and partners and within the communities where we work and live.

Our History

Our firm's beginnings are rooted in the political and economic development of countries transitioning to democratic government and open markets. We worked to support the integration of countries into international and multilateral security and economic institutions and helped deepen their bilateral working relationships with the United States. With the growth of our public sector offering, our private sector portfolio expanded as we offered global corporations strategies to support their cross-border investment, market entry, business development, and trade facilitation agendas.

Over the years we have expanded, now serving clients from the United States and across Europe, Eurasia, and Latin America and the Caribbean and in select Asian, African, and Middle East markets.

Throughout, we continue to provide the highest quality strategic planning, public affairs, and government relations services to our clients in the United States and in emerging markets around the world.

Our Name

We named our firm after the Native American Hopi tradition which teaches that when the Blue Star appears, it will provide answers to global challenges confronting us today. Our name signifies our commitment to pursue truth and excellence until the star appears. We work with companies, leaders, and partners who understand these challenges and drive the solutions that will bring about a better and more integrated world community.

Experience, insight into the decision making processes 'inside the Washington Beltway,' and an ability to approach the most comprehensive government affairs and regulatory cases are unique qualifications of Blue Star Strategies. Close cooperation and advice in the very complicated case of NATO enlargement ratification and help on the successful strategy for the visa waiver process for my country are just two success stories, which make them efficient, sensitive, and a pleasure to work with.

Ambassador (r.) Rastislav Kácer, former State Secretary for Defense and former Ambassador to the United States of the Slovak Republic

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