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Blue Star Strategies offers more first rate strategic vision, attention to a client's projects, issue resolution, and meaningful relationship networking than any other governmental consultant we have used anywhere. Their energy and passion, combined with excellent and continuing governmental relationships in the countries they handle as well as with the U.S. government at all levels has led to great results over and over again."
Jan Jones and David Satz
Executive Vice President for Government Relations & Corporate Responsibility; and
Senior Vice President for Government Relations & Development

Blue Star Strategies' high level of professionalism, outstanding dedication, far-reaching connections, and deep understanding of how Washington, DC works helped Handelsblatt manage a successful conference. This was only possible because of their assistance, which selected the appropriate venue, contacted the relevant decision makers, and moderated our press conference, creating a seamless, successful experience."
Gabor Steingart

Experience, insight into the decision making processes 'inside the Washington Beltway,' and an ability to approach the most comprehensive government affairs and regulatory cases are unique qualifications of Blue Star Strategies. Close cooperation and advice in the very complicated case of NATO enlargement ratification and help on the successful strategy for the visa waiver process for my country are just two success stories, which make them efficient, sensitive, and a pleasure to work with."
Ambassador (r.) Rastislav Kácer
Former State Secretary for Defense and Ambassador to the United States

In our work, we often remind clients and partners that policy change at any level comes down to relationships. The team at Blue Star Strategies helped us to use limited resources more efficiently and build strong relationships that matter."
David Devlin-Foltz
Director, Aspen Planning and Evaluation Program

We are deeply grateful to Blue Star Strategies for its many contributions that enabled a successful celebration event and commemorative concert in a beautiful venue. Their deep connections and capability in the United States, including in the Executive and Legislative branches of government and with the new U.S. administration supported this key initiative of ours, which generated a tremendous amount of attention and goodwill for our company and our community."
Fabio Dal Boni
Communications Department
What has impressed me the most in my many years of working closely with the Blue Star Strategies team is their geographical breadth. From Eastern Europe to the Middle East to Central America, they are always able to deftly navigate the geopolitical waters."
Alex Cranberg 

Blue Star Strategies has been a major asset in supporting OIC International's efforts to raise our visibility within the international donor community in Washington, DC and among our corporate partners. Their strategic guidance and comprehensive knowledge is invaluable to our organization and we are thankful for the sound advice they provided in helping build strong and lasting relationships with key audiences."
Crispian Kirk
President & CEO

Blue Star Strategies has been a key and trusted partner helping us identify international donors and grow our sustainable energy business in Africa. We deeply appreciate their creativity, expertise, and extensive networks and the passion and commitment they bring to see our efforts come to fruition."
Ali Divani
Chief Operating Officer
Blue Star Strategies has an unbeatable track record in combining the very best of strategic planning with positive results. As far as I'm concerned, Karen Tramontano and her team walk on water."
Kathy Bonk
Executive Director


Working with the Blue Star Strategies team has been critical to our efforts to shape policy in emerging markets regarding patient access to medicines for rare and ultra-rare diseases. Their team is uniquely qualified and positioned to provide high-level strategic insight and advice and are responsive and committed to success."

Heidi Wagner
Senior Vice President, Global Government Affairs
We have worked with Blue Star Strategies seamlessly since its inception as a firm. Whether helping us make rational business decisions, contributing to our planning processes, providing honest advice and guidance, or opening doors in the United States and internationally, they have become an integral part of our team."
Doug Minster
Vice President, Government and Regulatory Affairs
It has been an absolute pleasure to partner with Blue Star Strategies to advance the policy and legal objectives of clients. It has given me the opportunity to watch their team in action—the way they skillfully interact with and advocate on behalf of clients—and to do meaningful work every day around the world in intensely challenging and complex environments. They have extraordinary instincts and judgment and are among the most deeply trusted advisors I have known."
William T. O'Brien
Partner and U.S. Practice Chair, International Dispute Resolution

The team at Blue Star Strategies is comprised of distinguished experts with great insights in global politics, international growth strategies, and economic development. They have built an amazing network that they put to work for the projects they take on. Their dedication and excellence is not just a mission statement but what they strive to deliver for their clients every day."

Yvonne Bendinger-Rothschild
Executive Director

Blue Star Strategies has an unbeatable track record in combining the very best of strategic planning with positive results. As far as I'm concerned, Karen Tramontano and her team walk on water.

Kathy Bonk, President of the Communications Consortium

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